Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Brilliant or Lucky"

In rereading my posting from yesterday, I noted that I used the word "brilliant" in reference to my decision to move on from the "paid-for" Sidemen villa accommodations.  As I reread it, I was sorry that I hadn't used the word "lucky."  But rather than go back and edit it -- I decided to begin today's blog with my view that most often the only difference between "brilliant" and "lucky" is one's perspective.  A "brilliant" choice is really only a "lucky" choice in hindsight!  So, forgive my word choice -- what I meant to say is that by the end of the day, my decision to move on had made my lucky choice seem brilliant!  It still was just lucky!

And it is worth mentioning that one of the few positives of traveling alone -- is that I only need be narcisstically concerned with the luck of my own choices.  I'm certain this positive doesn't outweigh the happiness of sharing an experience with someone -- but just the same -- when traveling solo, I only need be concerned with my own "luck" or lack thereof -- and I can make myself seem "brilliant" because I have complete control over my story -- sort of like Fox News, I can tell you only the part of the story I want you to know.

Anyway, in this case there is no need to control the story -- as you can witness first hand through some videos I've uploaded -- yesterday's decision was "brilliant!"

My sunrise timelapse from this morning from my balcony in Amed:

A look around my $25USD a night unit -- and check out the view from my toilet -- I've never ever wanted to stay just for the view until now:

My blogging spot in the open-air cafe:

Lucky Indeed!  Staying another night.

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